Today I spotted an advertisement of Windows Live on while reading a story. The advertisement was a simple image made to look like a search box. Here’s a screenshot:
Microsoft Live Spamvertisement
What bothers me is the fact that Msft is trying to fool people into thinking its a search box and when non-tech-savvy people click on the “input box” to try and search news on it takes them to instead. That might cause a lot of frustration and confusion for some people. Why did Microsoft Live have to resort to visual trickery to get people to visit its website?

Not only that trickery makes people confused, it also dilutes the brand integrity of Microsoft Live. Shame on you Microsoft Live, you are no better than those spam advertisers.

How about an advertisement that says “Search the web with”?
I am sure more people would be interested to use if they were invited rather than tricked into it.


February 1, 2006

I heard speculations that Google is about to enter the Desktop Operating System market by launching Goobuntu, its own Linux distribution based on the popular distro Ubuntu but less than 24 hours later a Google spokeswoman rejected such plans.

Too bad, I was really looking forward to Goobuntu, despite the ridiculous name.

I’ve always wanted to switch to Linux but never actually did because I can’t live without my Adobe (and Macromedia) creative suite. WINE didnt quite work for me because I’d like to work with a software not fight it.

Read more about the Goobuntu hoax on the Ubuntu blog.

P.S. For those who are wondering about the new layout: Some readers complained that the old theme, called “Hemingway”, puts strain on the eyes so I decided to switch to a simple, clean layout.

I was browsing like usual on Sunday afternoon but suddenly my computer got incredibly sluggish so I closed some of the applications that were running to unload some pressure but it remained very much like before. I opened up Task Manager and found out that Firefox is eating up 300,000K (300 MB :O) of my total 512 MB, which is really shocking.

I closed firefox and kept looking at the Task Manager and found out that Firefox is still running in the background but eating up less memory, but the computer is still unusually slow.

I closed the Firefox process from the tast manager and all the problems just went away in seconds. I’ve had the same problem over and over again ever since I upgraded from 1.0.7 to 1.5

Am I the only one with these wierd problems?

UPDATE: I searched google and found these:

Looks like i’m not alone on this one.

Live Search

December 12, 2005

This is my first article in the Dive into AJAX series. I will explain how to make a live search for your site. I will use the Prototype and Scriptaculous Javascript libraries for this tutorial. I believe those are the best libs among all others. For more information about the libraries, check out my previous post, Javascript Libraries Roundup.
Read the rest of this entry »

Ruby on Rails resources

November 16, 2005

Ruby and the Rails framework is the newest “hot thing” to hit the net. In order to help you learn, I have scoured the net for the best resources. This is what I came up with :) Enjoy. Read the rest of this entry »

Javascript libraries roundup

November 14, 2005

I spent days looking for new Javascript libraries and finally made a comprehensive list of almost all libs out there. Read the rest of this entry »

mmmm….. Cake

October 25, 2005

I’ve been hearing this Ruby on Rails buzz for a while now and finally decided to have a go. I installed Ruby on my machine, installed Rails Gems but i completely lost track after that. Maybe I didnt read the docs properly. Anyway, I really dont want to learn another programming language at the moment. I’m in love with PHP and i’m very happy.

But couple of weeks ago I heard about Cake, not the ones you bake, but a development framework for PHP that works like Rails. I decided to give it a shot. Read the rest of this entry »


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