I was browsing like usual on Sunday afternoon but suddenly my computer got incredibly sluggish so I closed some of the applications that were running to unload some pressure but it remained very much like before. I opened up Task Manager and found out that Firefox is eating up 300,000K (300 MB :O) of my total 512 MB, which is really shocking.

I closed firefox and kept looking at the Task Manager and found out that Firefox is still running in the background but eating up less memory, but the computer is still unusually slow.

I closed the Firefox process from the tast manager and all the problems just went away in seconds. I’ve had the same problem over and over again ever since I upgraded from 1.0.7 to 1.5

Am I the only one with these wierd problems?

UPDATE: I searched google and found these:

Looks like i’m not alone on this one.

Just some rambling

October 22, 2005

Hello, this is my first post on my new weblog. I downloaded Flock and eventually got navigated to wordpress.com.

Here’s my take on Flock. Its a nice browser only for those who has a fast broadband and has a weblog and very familiar with web services like Flickr. Therefore, Flock would only attract about 0.001% of all internet users and most of them would say that they’re quite happy with Firefox and are not looking to change browsers. Read the rest of this entry »


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